Why Did You Start Consulting?

Monique Mills, MBA, PMP
1 min readJul 10, 2021

Someone recently asked me: "Why did you start your consulting company?"


“I started this company (TPM Focus) because I was asked to. People would come to me for help and I just started charging for it one day. They were launching new things and were tired of being instructed on WHAT to do and not HOW to do it. So I created a company that does the WHAT and the HOW.”

Yes, it was that simple. I wish it was more interesting, but I don't have a long, drawn out story. Once a large enough group asked me for help, I officially registered the business and got to work.

At the end of the day, I just want to provide value to the world and take care of my family. It doesn’t matter if it’s done through being an entrepreneur or being on someone else’s team. Either way, it needs to be interesting and impactful.

🤔 Do you have an interesting story about your entrepreneurial journey?

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Monique Mills, MBA, PMP

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