Send Them A Customer!

Monique Mills, MBA, PMP
1 min readOct 8, 2021

“I said what I said.” ~Nene Leakes, RHOA

Some people forget that businesses exist to serve AND make money.

So if you really think a business sells a great product or does a great job, refer customers to them.

It’s the greatest compliment they can receive (in addition to your repeated business).

I make connections for my clients all the time because:

  1. I believe in them.
  2. I believe their product provides value to the world.
  3. Those connections continue on long past our business engagement — enriching and growing their network for years to come.

So, next time you really want to show appreciation to an entrepreneur, remember this post.

Note: There might be typos in this post. Autocorrect on phones can be such a gem 😉

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Monique Mills, MBA, PMP

Serial Entrepreneur — Strategy — Engineer (EE) — Tech Startup Founder —President of SMB Acqusiitions at Focused Innovation Group — CEO of TPMFocus —#womaninSTEM