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Yep, I’ve known some cowards who wouldn’t (and still won’t) address this issue head on though that’s what it requires.

“Are you creating a community or a clique?"

I saw this on Twitter and...just Wow.

I've seen places and spaces where you can't tell which one it is.

Many places…

“I said what I said.” ~Nene Leakes, RHOA

Some people forget that businesses exist to serve AND make money.

So if you really think a business sells a great product or does a great job, refer customers to them.

It’s the greatest compliment they can receive (in addition to your…

If you’re an entrepreneur who quite often says “All this business came from reaching out to my network or them reaching out to me — No marketing at all”….um, let’s talk.

Two things:

#1 When you only work within the limits of your network, you do yourself a disservice by…

And that’s not a hypothetical question either.

Right now, I want you to think about it — Who stole your joy OR maybe…Who did you WILLING GIVE your joy to by comparing yourself to them?

I had a client meeting today where I stated “ Comparison is the thief of…

Before working with a new client, I have them complete a "Current State" survey


This was a response from a prospect:

"I wish I had a COO, CFO, CMO, CIO one or all…

COMPETENCE ➡️ how well you do something

CONFIDENCE ➡️ how well you think you can do something

Big difference!

Some people substantially OVERestimate their abilities.
That's called the Dunning Kruger effect.

And our society labels those people as competent because of their confidence. …

There is no such thing as “strategic luck” — I just made that up.


Because it’s the best description I could come up with for my career.

Basically, I grabbed opportunities I was most interested in at the time. There was no strategy back then, but now that I…

Monique Mills, MBA, PMP

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